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We partner with our clients to deliver tailored, fully transparent, and objective investment solutions.

Independence and Objectivity

Our client-centric institutional investment consulting approach focuses on objective and transparent solutions.  We act in your best interest, as fiduciaries, and believe that the first step in this process is eliminating conflicts of interest.   That is why we don’t receive any indirect compensation from any source and aren’t affiliated with a broker/ dealer or any other entity.

100% Employee-Owned

Investment consulting services is 100% employee-owned and is dedicated to building long-term partnerships with our clients.  Our firm has the freedom to take a long-term view and truly put our client’s needs at the center of the process.

Tailored Customized Solutions

We partner with our clients to deliver intuitive fully customized institutional investment solutions.  Whether you have an existing plan that isn’t meeting expectations, or you are looking to build an investment program from the ground up, our fully customized solutions help your organization meet its specific investment goals.

Who We Serve

We develop tailored investment programs that are curated to the specific needs of the institutional clients that we serve.

Pooled Employer Plan

The simple 401(k) solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

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Defined Contribution

401 (k)
403 (b)
457 (b)
Profit Sharing
Supplemental Retirement
Trustee Directed
Participant Directed

Defined Benefit

Taft-Hartley Pension Plans
Corporate Pension Plans
Public Pension Plans

Health Insurance Funds

Self-funded Insurance Plans
Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWA)
Other Health Insurance Plans

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Scholarship Funds
Labor Union Assets
Faith-Based Organizations
Nonprofit Investment Funds

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Dedicated to providing objective and independent investment consulting services.

investment professionals

Our firm is 100% employee owned and isn’t affiliated with any outside interest. Our only business is investment consulting, and we don’t receive revenue from any other source. This allows our investment team to deliver truly unbiased and independent investment advice.

Exceptional Client

We deliver timely performance reporting and analysis to give our clients a comprehensive view of their plan and facilitate informed decision making. If you ever need to discuss, our knowledgeable team will always be accessible.

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